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PJSC "Octava" - the Russian leader in the electro-acoustic converters production

PJSC Oktava is the only manufacturer of Oktava microphone equipment. The official website of the microphone manufacturer PJSC Oktava is www.oktavatula.ru. The official email address for orders is info@oktavatula.ru. The list of official distributors can be found on the website in the 'Contacts' tab. Please check the item number and model name as well as the details of the producer when ordering Oktava microphone equipment.

Oktava is a cult global brand. It was into an Oktava microphone that Yuri Gagarin uttered his famous words 'Let’s Go!'. Oktava products are very popular and appreciated by such famous musicians as U2, Sting, Iron Maiden, and Radiohead.

Founded in 1927, the Tula enterprise Oktava produces communication equipment for special and for civilian use. Main types of civilian products: microphone equipment, telephone and microphone capsules, telephone and microphone headsets. For the defence industry, Oktava produces intercoms and equipment for public address communication, wired intercom systems, warning equipment, including aviation headsets.

Most Oktava studio microphones are exported to EU countries.


Oktava is a legendary electroacoustic equipment brand, combining the best practices of Soviet engineering and the latest engineering solutions. Oktava is a popular brand among professional musicians. The company's microphones have been used by such stars as U2, Sting, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Vladimir Vysotsky, and many others. Oktava is constantly looking to improve the technical features of its products, as well as their design and packaging.

of professional studio microphones are exported to Europe

Unique production technologies

The ability to record microphone characteristics in an anechoic chamber
Technology for applying gold and aluminium on the diaphragms of condenser and electret microphones
Technology of vacuum deposition of aluminium coating on microphone electrodes
Technology for applying charge on fluoroplastic films of electret microphones
Technology for manufacturing capsules from soft magnetic materials
Technologies for crimping diaphragms of moving systems of electroacoustic converters on a diaphragm automatic pressing machine
Technologies for combined winding of moving systems of electro-acoustic converters

Our certificates


PJSC Oktava regularly participates in international exhibitions, which demonstrates the company's growing authority and the professionalism and experience of its employees.