Oktava OJSC offers its production services on a contractual basis.

The strategy of the company ensuring long-term presence in the market is based on application of state-of-the-art technologies of Russian military-industrial complex in the field of development and exploration of acoustic equipment in Russia.

The main trends of the companys activity are the following types of production technologies:

1. Manufacture of products from polymeric materials. Molding workshop is equipped with modern automatic molding machines (Demag) that enables manufacture of products of various types and designation.

2. Marking  application of signatures or images on a surface. We offer services of marking with the use of different technologies: laser beam and pad printing. High printing quality is achieved on items from different materials (plastic, metal, leather, wood, paper, glass, plexiglas, acryl, etc.), as well as multilayer or coated and painted surfaces. Apart from marking, we can arrange engraving on souvenirs, office nameplates and other items that need to be decorative, highly attractive and resulted image has to be extremely resistant.

3. Application of plated coatingsExperts on plated coatings perform any types of galvano-chemical coatings: nickel plating, chemical passivation, electrolytic polishing and zinc plating. Sand blasting of products.

4. Three-dimensional wiring. Assembly workshop ensures high-precision installation of TNT-element (output elements) and elements of non-standard shape, production of cables, cords, welding, gluing and molding of products. It has proper technologies and equipment to produce casings, installation, assembly, adjustment and inspection of components and units of electronic products of any level of complexity. Assembly line is used for assembly, installation, welding, attaching and automatic molding of parts at final stage of production. Assembly workshop has technologies and equipment to produce casings, installation, assembly, adjustment and inspection of components and units of products of any level of complexity.

5. Mechanical treatment. Separate production operations can be performed: milling, turning operations at the treatment center. Drilling is performed in a traditional way. Thermal treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (hardening and annealing). Metal cutting.

6. Manufacturing equipment design and production (dies, molds).

7. Aluminum vacuum coating on glass and other materials.

The company is operating quality system that fully meets requirements of ISO-9001 international standard.

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E-mail: sales@oktavatula.ruzakupki@oktavatula.ru.