Egor Ubel
August 22, 2010
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Oktava microphones. Part two.

Cunning sound shopping It will always seem that microphones are lacking, no matter how many of them are available. To say nothing of me who has only one Oktava MK-105. At the first opportunity I ordered:

Stereo matched pair MK-012 7,670 rubles

Stereo plate 270 rubles

Shock mount -20 680 rubles 2 pcs.

MKE-2 1,150 rubles (just for its attractive price, to top it off).

It took ten days for all this stuff to arrive. Post of Russia box contained two grey plastic cases, two cardboards and stereo plate in polyethylene.

I start with a grey case. In general this case is quite brutal, and the first thought when you see it dust collector. Good quality plastic, impressing reinforcement ribs everything is just the way it has to be. And what a beauty inside! Capsule, pads, amplifiers, joints are carefully wrapped in PU foam; you can see at once how serious is the approach. Is it possible to assemble GRAD launching installation? ))) There were also two passports inside (one for either microphone) and a LABEL! Its design does not differ from passport design; it contains exhaustive data about the set I am holding in my hands; but all this DOES NOT associate with typical term label. And again you smile past to your ears (see post below). It is even more impressing when assembled. It looked like an item of military industry, it is Tula

No joke. A practical test. First we attended a concert. We rear-filled a button accordion and guitar combo at medium power. After the concert sound director shook my hand for that. But I did not realize anything, as I was on the stage and did not hear them.

Right after that I brought them to drums recording. MK-012 for Overhead, MKE-2 for Hi-Hat. And what shall I tell you: these are the best overhead microphones that Ive heard! Nor Audiotechnica, nor CAD, nor AKG have ever stood aside! They produce right what you want to hear from drums. The above microphones can be used as Room, as they contain a lot of air, which is not needed in overheads. Everything is clear, not frequencies are exceeded, all alts and toms sound perfectly deep, and hardware is rich with overtones and power. Whereas it is as good in a studio, as at a concert! Its simply amazing!

MKE-2, despite of its plain looking, produced quite decent result, and I did not expect for that. Though I did not pose the most difficult task for it. That is why test is pending. But it is more than enough for concert application! So there is something to think about, moreover at so low cost.