April 19, 2009

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Oktava microphones MK-105 and ML-52-01

I have been choosing a microphone for a long time. Having read rather complimentary comments on Oktava products, I decided that I could get a couple of its microphones. I am not prejudiced against Soviet brands. It has to be condenser type, no doubt. Ive chosen MK-105. I read about ribbon microphone ML-52 at the same time. There is a lot of contradictory comments on this microphone: on the one hand, quite high quality of output signal close to natural and on the other low sensitivity and careful handling: do not blow on it, do not subject to strong acoustic exposure and never let it fall, as its ribbon is very fragile.

Ive purchased microphones to record guitar from combo, acoustic guitar and, probably, vocal. I have not tested it yet. Ive just talked in either of them and recorded my cats purring. ML-52 has low sensitivity. Voice is velvet, natural, soft and low frequencies are more evident. Vice versa, MK-105 has tremendous sensitivity, voice is clear and high frequencies prevail. These two microphones are absolutely different in their nature. Operation should be interesting.

I was surprised with quality of assembly. It (quality) seemed to be very high! You take it and realize its something real! Every microphone is in individual wooden box. Every microphone is accompanied with passport sealed by QC department and frequency-amplitude characteristics. Great, just excellent! I am very glad for our Oktava!

I failed to find pictures of these microphones in good quality. So I fix it.


My new Zippo is close to the microphone to estimate its dimensions.


Both microphones

Wooden boxes