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Oktava presented Tula microphones at the Summer NAMM 2021 in the USA
Oktava organized a premiere of the new Russian-made professional vocal stage microphone MK-207 at the Summer NAMM 2021. The presentation took place on 4th July in Nashville, USA. Within the framework of one of the largest world events in the music industry, Oktava also ​presented its main line of microphones. This was the first offline exhibition in two years.
Front End Audio exclusive Oktava dealer and distributor in USA!
We are excited to announce that Front End Audio is the exclusive dealer and distributor of Oktava Microphones in the USA. This partnership will align Oktava Russia with the US market and give US customers direct access and support to these legendary microphones.
Oktava presents the new generation of vocal scenic microphones at THE NAMM SHOW 2021
The Russian plant Oktava presents a unique product innovation — the professional vocal scenic microphone MK-207 — within the one of the world's largest exhibitions of musical instruments and equipment THE NAMM SHOW 2021. The exhibition is being held in online format for the first time this year from 18 to 22 January. The new microphone is distinguished by innovative circuit design and traditional appearance.
Oktava. Studios of the world. Greece. Music Art Lab studios
The Music Art Lab Studios is located at the center of Athens (Greece), next to the Metaxourgeio metro station. Composer-arranger and sound engineer Nikos Asimakis, composer AchilLes Chatzinikos and composer-arranger and sound engineer Theodore Kouelis created the studio in 2014. Music Art Lab Studios is officially presenting Russian microphones Oktava in Greece since 2019.
Oktava Announced the Market Launch of the Dynamic Microphone MD-305
On April 24, 2020, sales of a new microphone from the leader in the production of microphone equipment in Russia – the Oktava plant (part of the Rostec state corporation) will be started. The vocal dynamic microphone MD-305 was presented for the first time at the NAMM Show 2020 music exhibition, which was held in January in the United States.
Test: Oktava MK 012 20, condenser studio microphone set. Overview from amazona.de
Der Name des Mikrofonherstellers Oktava ist vielen von uns geläufig. Nicht alle hingegen wissen, dass die russische Firma schon seit 1927 im russischen Tula Mikrofone und anderes Audioequipment fertigt. Auffälligstes Merkmal der Oktava Produktpalette ist oft der günstige Preis. Ob es taugt, wir werden sehen.
Test: Octave MK-115, MK-117, large-diaphragm studio microphones. Overview from amazona.de
Die beiden Großmembranmikrofone Oktava MK-115 und Oktava MK-117 wurden schon auf der NAMM 2019 und 2020 präsentiert und sind nun endlich lieferbar. Unter den gefühlt Abertausenden NAMM-Ankündigungen ist die neue Mikrofonlinie von Oktava fast ein wenig untergegangen. Verschiedene Fotos kursierten bereits im Netz, aber Informationen dazu waren spärlich und wenn überhaupt nur auf Russisch erhältlich. Nun hat das Warten ein Ende, denn die ersten beiden Modelle sind frisch für den Test eingetroffen. Wie können sich die Mikros in der 500,- Euro Klasse gegen die Konkurrenz behaupten?
Oktava MK-117 overview from tobitech.de
Eigentlich sollte dies ein Bericht des MKL-5000 werden: das Topmodell des bekannten russischen Herstellers Oktava. Mangels Verfügbarkeit wurde mir daher das neue MK-117 zur Verfügung gestellt. Preislich liegt es mit 520€ im unteren Preissegment und muss sich daher in einem hart umkämpften Markt behaupten. Das MK-117 ist ein Kondensatormikrofon mit fester Nierencharakteristik und sieht durch sein Vintage-Bottle-Design hervorragend aus. Ich hatte bereits mehrere Mikrofone von Oktava, wie z.B. das MKL-2500, das sehr gut war.
Anatoly Ryasov: Equipment is the Space and Condition for Sound Recording
The Mosfilm professional team held a series of authorial seminars on sound engineering in the first half of 2019. Lyubov Stalnova, Director of Marketing and Sales of Oktava PJSC discussed some secrets of working with professional equipment, features of microphones choice for recording instruments and vocals with Anatoly Ryasov, the sound engineer of Mosfilm film music studios, the author of the seminar “A Music Group Recording.”
What is the Secret of Realistic Sound Effects?

Charles Maynes, a Hollywood sound designer, has worked on many famous films and developed more than sixty computer games (including Call of Duty 1-3, Medal of Honor, Black, Need for Speed: Underground, Spider-Man).

Oktava microphones are presented in The New Tretyakov Gallery
On 25th of December, the exhibition of the new industrial design "Peace! Friendship! Design!" was opened in the New Tretyakov Gallery, where the Russian microphones Oktava MКЛ-5000, MД-55 and MЛ-16 were presented. Modern and museum exhibits from the line of Oktava electro-acoustic plant (part of the Rostec State Corporation) became an example of the development of industrial design in Russia.
Oktava took part in the WAVE FORUM music festival
Russian manufacturer of professional studio microphones — Oktava (part of the Rostec State Corporation) - supported the Moscow music festival WAVE FORUM for the second time. At the Forum, the Company presented professional studio microphones from the premium and basic product lines.
An album with the sounds of Yasnaya Polyana has been released by the Tolstoy's Memorial Day
The music album "Yasnaya Oktava" of the "Ahimsa Quintet" team, created during the experimental art project of Rostec, the memorial estate of L. N. Tolstoy and the Sygma platform, was published today on major music venues. The compositions are based on a collection of sounds, which the musicians gathered at the estate of the great writer in Yasnaya Polyana. The release date was not chosen by chance - 109 years ago, on November 20, 1910, Leo Tolstoy passed away.
Oktava took part in the VIII International Cultural Forum
The VIII International Cultural Forum was held in St. Petersburg, organized by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and the Government of St. Petersburg. Models of microphones of the harmonized product line of the Russian manufacturer of professional electro-acoustics Oktava, a member of the Rostec State Corporation, are on display at the Forum.
Sound Engineers Tested Oktava’s Microphones at the Workshop in Mosfilm studios
Famous producer Lev Trofimov explained the role of technology and equipment in the process of song creation at the “A Music Band Production: from the Concept to the Record” workshop, held at Mosfilm within the framework of Music-Recording.ru. Oktava (a part of the Rostec State Corporation) was a partner of the event for the third time and provided Russian microphones ML-52-02 and MK-012-01 for the preparation of the track by singer Yolka.
Oktava takes part in the «Art music recording industry”
On October 22-23, “Oktava” takes part in the International Symposium "Art Music Recording Industry". The event takes place in Moscow as part of the International Award "Pure Sound". It is the first project in Russia dedicated to the recording industry of art instrumental music and vocals.

From now on, Russian Oktava microphones are to be presented in Shanghai
October 10-13, 2019 Oktava plant takes part in Music China in Shanghai (China), which is the international exhibition of music products and entertainment equipment. The presentation of Russian products will be made as part of Oktava's strategy to enter new markets.
New design of the Russian "Oktava" has brought big success at the Musikmesse exhibition in Germany
Presentation of the microphone MK-119 – the innovation of designers from Russian factory "Octava" was held at the exhibition Musikmesse in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Guests were able to try the acoustic parameters of a novel condenser microphone with a wide gilded membrane in a soundproof booth, specially brought from Russia, which provided vocalists and sound designers with the opportunity to test the new product in conditions close to the professional sound studio.
Oktava develops a new microphone
The Russian enterprise Oktava (part of Rostec State Corporation) is bringing to market a modification of an electret condenser microphone for computer and conference calls developed in 2018. The new model is called МКЭ-215.
Oktava enterprise takes part in the educational forum Achievements of Russia. Art and culture – for children
The Russian enterprise Oktava (part of the State Corporation Rostec) presented its products at the exhibition of the educational forum Achievements of Russia. The Event, organised by art industry enterprises for education, culture, and social sphere specialists, is held in Moscow in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), and leading cultural and art institutions.
Ethnographic dictation in Tula is dictated into Russian Oktava microphones

The Russian event 'Great Ethnographic Dictation' takes place on 2 November 2018. The Oktava enterprise in Tula (part of Rostec State Corporation) has provided professional studio microphones for equipping a regional cultural and educational event that will help to evaluate people's ethnographic literacy and their knowledge of the peoples of Russia.

Oktava expands exports to countries of Southeast Asia
From September 2018, Oktava enterprise products are presented in the Singapore Technopark within the exhibition of Russian innovations. Oktava microphones are not only presented at the booth but can also be purchased on an online platform integrated with regional marketplaces.

StudiTek becomes an official Oktava distributor

The Russian manufacturer of electroacoustic equipment PJSC Oktava (part of Rostec State Corporation) has signed a partnership agreement with LLC StudiTek. The legendary microphones produced in Tula will now be represented in Russia by an expert team, which since 1992 has been working to develop the professional sound industry, supplying under government contracts, and distributing professional sound equipment.

The history of the Oktava enterprise has been included in a book about Russian industry

Presentation of the book 'S. I. Mosin Award: from Century to Century' took place on 19 September 2018 in the Tula Museum of Weapons. The history of Russia's oldest electroacoustic instrument-making enterprise has been included in the project within the context of the industrial development of Tula and other regions of the country, where leading Russian designers, engineering, and technical specialists and teams, noted for the creation and implementation of new technologies, worked.

Oktava takes part in the Forum of Innovative Technologies InfoSpace
Oktava participated in the Innovative Technologies Forum InfoSpace, which was held 5 June 2018 in Moscow. As part of the business programme, the Tula enterprise shared its experience in diversification and import substitution with industry experts.
The international film festival 'In the Family' uses Oktava microphones
PJSC Oktava (part of the State Corporation Rostec) took part in the XII International Film Festival of Family and Children's Films 'In the Family.' On 8–14 July films were shown in Yaroslavl as well as business and entertainment programmes, where the Tula brand of electroacoustic equipment was presented. The festival attracted more than 8,000 people this year.
Oktava presents products at HeliRussia
The Tula enterprise Oktava took part in the XI International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018. The enterprise has a high potential for development in the civil aviation market and also produces special-purpose products. Oktava headsets are used by airports, emergency services, special services, and in the marine industry.

Oktava becomes a partner of CIPR 2018
The Tula enterprise Oktava will provide microphone products for technical support of activities of the largest event in the digital economy field. The enterprise has acted as a technical partner of the conference 'Digital Industry of Industrial Russia 2018 (DIIR),' which will be held from 6 to 8 June in Innopolis.
A creative industrial cluster opens in the centre of Tula
A creative industrial cluster has opened in the centre of Tula. Deputy Governor of the Tula Region Vyacheslav Fedorishchev, General Director of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov, and investor Mikhail Shelkov have opened a creative industrial cluster on the territory of the Oktava acoustic enterprise. It should attract young people from all over Russia with educational programmes in the field of industry, help to create high-tech industries, and become a modern urban leisure facility.
The Tula enterprise Oktava expands its partnership network

'The growth in the number of customers is the result of the work of the new management team. Structural divisions have been formed at the enterprise that are responsible for marketing, sales, and service, which has made it possible to effectively promote products in new markets,' said Aleksandr Veselov, General Director of PJSC Oktava.

Dmitriy Malikov visits Oktava

The performer shares his creative experience with young musicians who have started studying music. 'Music Lessons' is an interactive show where children participate in the performance.

Rostec helps the Tula factory Oktava out of the crisis

The company had suffered multimillion dollar losses, capacity utilisation did not exceed 15%, and equipment wear reached 90%. One year after the company was transferred to Rostec's anti-crisis management it has doubled its production volumes and broken even.

Oktava microphones to meet international standards

The design director Vladimir Shipilov, a Product Design teacher at the British Higher School of Design, who previously worked as a creative director of Industrial Design Factory, has been appointed head of the new structure. He was appointed Deputy General Director of the Tula company and headed the products committee, which included representatives of key company areas.

Tula's OKTAVA to create a new headset for UAC aircrafts

The Tula enterprise Oktava will develop a series of new aviation headsets for aircrafts produced by United Aircraft Building Corporation (PJSC UAC) enterprises: PJSC Tupolev, PJSC Il, PJSC Irkut Corporation, and JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. It will be represented by modifications of headsets, both for military aircraft and for civil aircraft.

Tula's Oktava raises wages

Production modernisation carried out by the new management has made it possible to increase the volume of output by an average of 17% in August–September and to ensure its operative implementation.

The music industry chooses Oktava microphones

From 14 to 17 September the Tula enterprise Oktava took part in the international exhibition NAMM, the number one music industry event in Russia and CIS countries

The Oktava cluster to create an attractive environment for technicians

In Tula, one of Russia's largest industrial centres, preparation for the opening of the Oktava creative industrial cluster is actively under way. On 12 September the project team held a second strategic session in Tula and explained how the cluster can involve young people in the region's production process.

Appointment of the General Director

The new General Director Aleksandr Veselov began his work by meeting staff and presenting the main directions of the enterprise’s development strategy.

Tula's Oktava to allocate RUB 50 million for modernisation

PJSC Oktava's management has decided to allocate RUB 50 million of primary investments for the urgent upgrading of critical infrastructure and the transfer of harmful chemical production outside the city centre. The works will be completed as soon as possible with the active support of Tula Region's Governor Aleksey Dyumin and Rostec State Corporation.

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