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25 May 2017
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Condenser studio microphones

Condenser microphone is the most popular type of microphones for professional and amateur application. These are condenser microphones which are used for studio sound recording, equipment of concert sites, etc.

Condenser microphone which is not so difficult to buy is a condenser with elastic material on one of the linings, changing condenser capacity at acoustic oscillations. It is the principle of operation of similar condenser studio microphones.

You don’t have to spend much time and efforts to buy a studio condenser microphone. Modern market offers a wide variety of different studio equipment, in particular microphones. “Oktava” specialized company, apart from others, offers you to buy a condenser studio microphone with required specifications.

Nowadays “Oktava” plant produces more than two dozen models of condenser studio microphones, which can be bought by wholesale or retail. You can buy a condenser studio microphone of required specifications, construction, overall dimensions and cost, optimal for you. For example, condenser studio microphone of МК-012 model stipulates replacement of capsules. A new item of “Oktava” product range, which can be bought today, is condenser microphones МК-012-mini, indispensible in situations, when microphone location should be hidden. Condenser studio microphone МК-101 is designed for application in TV and radio stations and sound recording studios. Purchase of condenser studio microphone of МК-105 model is more than justified if you need the highest quality of sounding. Original condenser studio microphone of МК-4200 model which can be bought even today is designed for operation as a part of professional radioelectronic equipment.

It should be noted, that you can buy a condenser studio microphone at more than attractive price. If we compare prices for condenser microphones of famous foreign brands and prices of condenser microphones of “Oktava” trademark, selection of the latter is obvious. Thus, the quality of “Oktava” condenser microphones is not worse than the quality of foreign analogues.

Our condenser microphones which you can easily buy having contacted “Oktava” by telephone have been awarded with many prizes at prestigious Russian and European specialized exhibitions.

“Oktava” condenser studio microphone is an optimum solution if you want to buy professional equipment at affordable price. “Oktava” condenser studio microphones – European quality and reliability.

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