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Professional studio microphones

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Do you want to equip your sound recording studio and you are challenged how to choose professional studio microphones? Or are you interested in buying a studio microphone for home studio? Products of “Oktava” plant, absolute leader in this segment of the market, will satisfy wide and various demands to the highest extent. We deal with selling studio microphones of the following types: condenser, tube, electrets, band and dynamic microphones. Microphone of any of the above types meets the highest demands and quality standards, will enable equipping any sound recording studio, professional or home, will perfectly fit for equipping concert halls, etc.

Of course, if you want to acquire a professional microphone, you will face the issue of searching for high-quality products and their selection as well: today professional studio microphones are offered by many manufacturers, mostly foreign ones. That is why it is not so difficult to buy a studio microphone: it’s enough to go to a specialized store or make use of Internet shops, and you will see quite a great number of offers – studio microphones price varies greatly. It is the price which should be mentioned. For example, if you have a small studio, you will sure be reluctant to spend extra money for its equipment. The matter is that, for example, professional microphone of famous foreign brand will cost much more expensive than domestic analogues. Thus, the quality of domestic professional microphone, price of which is quite affordable and attractive, does not compromise quality of foreign professional studio microphones. Moreover, it is much easier to buy products of domestic production: any professional studio equipment that you need is always available, and its purchase and delivery will not take a lot of time.

That is why studio microphones from “Oktava” plant have been recently enjoying growing popularity in Russian and European markets. And affordable price is not the only advantage of professional studio equipment under “Oktava” trademark. Moreover, high quality of studio microphones and other equipment of our production has been recognized for many times at specialized exhibitions and has been granted with prestigious awards.

Today production and sales of studio and other equipment is one of the main trends of “Oktava” plant’s activity. In addition, we can offer our customers to buy various accessories for microphones and other equipment at most affordable prices. Thus, low price policy and constant high quality level is essential in our company: purchase of a professional microphone does not require any extra financial investments from you.

Thus, are you interested in a professional studio microphone? Are you interested in affordable price for these products? “Oktava” is a professional studio microphone at low price, wholesale and retail sale, individual terms of sales for any equipment, price for the whole product range, which will pleasantly surprise you.

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