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25 May 2017
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Oktava ribbon microphones

Ribbon microphone greatly differs from other types of professional microphones in terms of construction. It comprises special U-magnet, as well as waved foil ribbon fixed in magnet strained groove. Thus, ribbon from aluminum foil repeats air oscillations, creating an electric signal, which, in its turn, is transferred to primary winding of transformer.

Ribbon microphones are professional and are widely used for complex equipment of sound recording studios, radio and TV stations, etc. Popularity of this equipment is mainly caused by its advantages compared to analogues. Thus, ribbon microphones are characterized with absence of their own resonance, and the user has a great chance to perform mechanical adjustment of frequency ribbon of perception with regard to individual demands and terms of operation. Such microphones have effect of soft compression, original “matted” coloring of upper part of the tone, what is indispensible at recording strings.

Modern Russian market offers quite a wide choice of equipment of this type to its customers – various constructions, various characteristics, various fields of application and various costs. Among others, a special attention should be paid to ribbon microphones produced by Russian specialized company “Oktava”. For example, ribbon microphone ML-52 is perfect for recording vocal, percussions, strings, reeds and wind (copper and wooden) musical instruments. Ribbon microphone ML-53 will perfectly fit for recording vocal, bass guitar, bowed and wind instruments.

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