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Telephone-microphone headset

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Professional telephone-microphone headsets with medium noise protection have quite a wide field of application. Such telephone headsets are used everywhere to ensure voice record in digital automatic control systems, as a part of onboard communication systems of aircrafts, helicopters and other air vehicles, as a part of automatic control systems of operations control centers, digital portable and fixed radio stations and control units. Such telephone microphone headsets are indispensible at equipment of dispatcher centers of airfields; railway and air stations equipped with automatic control systems with function of digital processing of voice signals. As it becomes obvious, scope of application of microphone headsets is extremely wide and is constantly increasing and is directly proportional to development of high-tech and, in particular, automatic control system in various branches of industry.

Today one can buy telephone headsets with low and medium noise protection, as well as headsets without noise protection under “Oktava” trademark. Telephone-microphone headsets with medium noise protection are designed for operation as a part of communication systems in terms of very strong acoustic interferences (up to 120 dB). Headset GSSH-А-41 USB and model GSSH-А-41 is presented in this class of products.

Purchase of “Oktava” telephone headsets will not require any extra financial and time costs from you: we offer you to buy headsets at low prices, buy headsets of European quality and reliability. Purchase of microphone headsets under “Oktava” trademark will be an optimum solution for the widest range of customers.

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