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25 May 2017
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Oktava tube studio microphones

Tube studio microphones are rightfully considered optimum and most preferable if we talk about equipment for professional sound recording studios, TV and radio stations. Tube microphones which you can easily buy having contacted “Oktava” by telephone ensures maximum quality of converting acoustic oscillations.

Today you can buy any Tube microphone of “Oktava” trademark that you need. Tube microphones from “Oktava” is an optimum solution if you want to buy a microphone at optimum price, if you want to buy a Tube microphone of European quality. Tube microphones from “Oktava” as well as other products of the company have been awarded with many prizes at prestigious Russian and foreign specialized exhibitions; more and more professionals in Russia and Europe prefer buying these microphones. It is another proof that “Oktava” Tube microphone, whatever model is meant is characterized with optimum ratio of quality, reliability and cost.

Today “Oktava” conveyors produce five models of Tube microphones. Produced range of microphones enables to satisfy the demands of modern market to the fullest extent. A special attention should be paid to a new item in the product range of the plant – Tube microphones of OktaLab MKL-111 model. OktaLab MKL-111 is a microphone of the highest class; it is the closest to classic models of Tube microphones in terms of quality of sound. Those who have already bought OktaLab MKL-111 note minimum level of distortion of sound signals, its perfect overloading characteristics. With microphone of this model a sound producer has a unique chance to set any membrane of orientation which optimally fits to either situation.

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